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Are eye drops really safe for our eyes?

I have heard that eye drops can be used to poison a drink,so I am wondering if they are really safe for our eyes.
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  • cristoph


    You should use the eye drops according to the safty information (use it for the specific symptom) or use it under the instruction of your eye doctors. If you use it wrongly, maybe it will be harmful.
  • Mark


    If you get the right kind of eye drops that you need and you know how to apply the eye drops just as the doctor told you, then they are safe to use. But you should remember that it must be within the expiration date.
  • cody88


    I have never heard it can poison a drink.Many people have used it and there doesn't seem to be any problem.
  • Barbara Mellon


    Of course they are safe.They are just artificial tears.But you can't use them too often,otherwise the producing of tears will be affected.