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Zachary eddy


How long does it take for honey to lighten eyes?

I heard that honey can help lighten eyes. If so, How long does it take ? Any suggestion?
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  • Gregory A Meetze


    Yes, honey can make eyes bright and shinning. Actually honey has been used by people for over 2700 years, not only as sugar but also as treatment for many conditions or diseases. Honey is transformed from nectar to honey by bees through some kind of enzyme processed. 60%-80% of honey is glucose and fructose which can be very easily absorbed by human body, so honey is called as milk for old people. Beside it is very good for women. It contains various nutrition components, such as vitamins, minerals, organic acid, enzymes and some beneficial trace elements. It can moisturize and whiten skin and relax bowels. Many people add honey in mask to nourish skin. If you apply the honey on faces as massage cream, it could effectively brighten your skin, reduce the dark circles, smooth fine wrinkles, which make your eyes brighter! You can also apply some honey water into eyes, help moisturize and lubricate your eyes, which makes your eyes shinning. It is hard to tell how long does it takes to achieve long term and apparent effect, because we don't know what is your situation now. But it works if you could insist, after all it is not chemicals, it is just natural food, which can bring benefit to you gradually.
  • David Safir


    Yes, the honey can help lighten eyes because of the inner stimulating nutritious materials. It may usually take you about a week to see the effect if you keep on using the honey everyday. Honey is such a good thing for you to use which will not only good for your eyes but also for your health.
  • Christina nelson


    Honey has advantage of anti-bacterial properties that help in soothing our eyes. It doesn't irritate the eyes and has been used as a medicine for the eyes for eyes. it is mainly used for eyes which have an infection. You can boil the water first, and then let them cool down. When the water become warm, dilute honey with warm water and mix them. Then drip it in your eyes. When you get up and go to sleep, you can apply honey and a month later, your eyes will become much more clear and lighter.
  • andrew bolous


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