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Nathan harris


Why do i get watery eyes after prk surgery?

I just took a prk surgery. And now, i get watery eyes. Is this normal? Why or why not?
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  • Jennifer


    Well, generally speaking, watery eyes can be a sign of eye infection. So we can say that when your eyes are infected by something, it is possible to have watery eyes. For your situation, you should pay more attention to your eyes. As we know that after the surgery, your eyes will become very sensitive and fragile. At that time, your eyes will get eye infection easily. If eye infection occurs, it will lead to other symptoms, just like this. Also, it will slow down your recovery speed. For example, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. By the way, some heavy exercises should be avoided.
  • Kaylee


    After doing the prk surgery, you should protect your eyes carefully. There may be some side effects for your eyes after the surgery. It is normal for you to get the watery eyes which should be temporary. You should take care of it. You should not use the eyes too much time. In addition, you should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • Jenya


    Ok, it seems that you just took a prk surgery, which could help with your eyes and vision, so as you can see, the surgery would inevitably do some harm to our eyes, leaving some lasting impacts on your eyes because it affects your cornea, increasing your eye pressure, which leads to watery eyes, sometimes the surgery generates some other eye problem, all of them could make your eyes watery. So, you must consult a doctor and examine your eyes.