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Is reading too much bad for my eye health?

I like to read, especially fictions. And i read a lot. Now, i feel some problems that happen to my eyes. My eyes are often tired and dry when i read fiction. Is reading too much bad for my eye health?
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  • hill


    Owning the habit of reading is a good thing which deserves to be developed. However, you say that your eyes feel dry and tired when reading fiction. I think there must be two main problems for you. Firstly, whether the position you read is right. Lying on bed reading will be bad for you eyes. Secondly, reading in darkness will damage your eyes. Thirdly, you should not read for a long time without the rest which will make the eye muscles so tired. After remembering these tips, you should prepare eye drops to make the eyes moisture or you can eat food with vitamine C to be helpful for the eyes.
  • cajunbel29


    Yes, I think reading too much is bad for your eye health. As you are reading for a long time, your eyes will feel tired. If you don’t give them the enough time to have a rest, they may lead to many other eyes diseases, such as the dry eyes. On the other hand, when you have read for a long time, your eyes have to focus on the small items. In this way, it will lead to the high eye pressure and finally they can damage your eyes. Anyway, you should not be supposed to be reading for a long time. Reading in a certain time and then you can go outside to relax. It will be good for your eye health.