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What age should a child wear contact?

My son will be turning 17 years old before long,he used to wear glasses even when he is still a kid.he asked me if he can wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses? Is he can?
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  • handshakedevon


    Contact lens wear is not a matter of age. Many infants and toddlers wear them; some teenagers shouldn't. In other words, every case is different. 69% of responding contact lens practitioners said they believe that GP contact lenses may reduce the progression of childhood had better go on a date with your eye doctor, I think he is the best person to help you.
  • Justin


    In fact,a child's eyes can tolerate contact lenses at a very young age. Even some infants are fitted with contact lenses.for security, You had better ask your eye doctor if your son can wear contacts.
  • Ari


    While there may be no minimum or recommended age for wearing contact lenses, it's still important to consider whether contacts are appropriate. This decision has less to do with age than with your child's unique traits and context. Here are some tips for evaluating whether your child is ready to wear contacts.Can your child handle this responsibility? Does she learn instructions well? Does he regularly do his chores without reminding? Does she forget her homework at home? Think about whether your child can learn how to properly insert and remove contacts, even when tired, keep lenses clean, and follow a regular wear schedule.Does your child need contacts? Is your eye doctor suggesting contacts? Does your child want them for better performance in sports? If the concern is purely cosmetic, consider chatting with your child about any underlying issues or peer pressure that might be driving his or her desire. If all the above the answers are yes, then your child can wear contacts.