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Jade scott


When I read, my eyes hurt?

Whenever I read a book, even for about 10 minutes, my eyes start hurting and become a little out of focus. I start to get a headache and I have to put my book down. Any suggestions on why this happens?
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  • Caroline bell


    Regarding to your question, it may be because the position of reading the wrong, or your eyes are susceptible to interference in the eye, but it also could be because reading is too long with poor lighting or reading in dimly lighted place that can damage the eye. But what really happens is not to damage the eyes, but the experienced eye strain. In addition, sometimes a person rarely blinks for being too focused on one object, so the possibility can experience dry eyes and discomfort. If this condition continues, it will increase eye strain. If symptoms are not reduced, then chances are that person has the fundamental problems such as eye nearsighted.
  • Tessence


    Are you reading at night? It could be your tired. Dim light can strain your eyes...its good to have medium lighting when reading...not bright...just medium. I suggest getting your eyes checked by a professional optometrist to get the answers and then see if you need glasses or contacts....I dont suggest getting the answer here as you cannot be properly tested and might not get the right answer.