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Vanessa george


Bring own eye frames to eye exam?

I'm planning on going to get an eye exam on Monday and I was wondering if I could bring in my own frames. Last time I was there, they didn't have any frames that I liked. I have reading glasses right now that I bought from Rite-Aid. Could I bring in those frames so I could have them put in my prescription?
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  • Diane Bradstock


    Some places will let you use your own frame, some will not. The problem with using someone else's glasses that they already own is if you or the lab breaks them...what do you do? If you don't carry that frame or brand, you can't just replace it for the same frame like you otherwise would.Also, if they're just a cheap pair of reading glasses, they may not be made to have real prescription lenses put in them.
  • Angela


    Actually, some brick and mortar store and online eyeglasses store such as provide the lens replacement service. They can put your prescription lenses into your frame. Moreover, once you have your eyes exam, you can take your eyeglasses with you and ask whether your optometrist provide lenses replacement.