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Is my child likely to inherit my need for glasses?

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  • Christopher


    As I know that it is possible. If both the biological parents wear glasses, your children are likely to need them as well.
  • Jessica


    There is a higher chance of needing glasses by a child if one of, and especially if both the parents need vision correction. This also applies to conditions such as Amblyopia, commonly called "lazy eye" and it is therefore important to schedule examinations for the offspring of anyone who has vision issues.
  • Christian george


    Maybe. Genetics is definitely a factor in the development of myopia (commonly known as short-sightedness or near-sightedness).Children who have two shortsighted parents are much more likely to be shortsighted, because they inherit the tendency to develop short-sightedness. If one parent is shortsighted, a child is thought to have around a 40 per cent chance of developing myopia; if both parents are shortsighted, the child may have a 60 per cent chance of developing the condition. The more severe a parent's (or parents') myopia, the more likely a child is to become shortsighted.