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maria calderin


Why do i have eye floaters all the time?

It is about a year that i suffer from eye floaters. They are much worse when I look into the sky or a white wall. And it seems become worse right now. I am also have retinal detachment and for high blood pressure. So, what wrong with my eyes ?
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  • Connor


    Since you have both the high blood pressure and retinal detachment, you'd better go to see the doctor to have a full check on your eyes. The floaters in your eyes may be related with the above two points. Or else, your long time hard work before the computers may cause this, too. At the same time, you should check your food recipe. Eating more food with vitamine C, such as milk, fish and so on to be helpful to your eyes.
  • Jose joyce


    When you look at a blank, light background, it's easy to see floaters that are tiny objects in the front of your vision. It comes and goes with eye movement, but it's harmless. However, it would appear more frequently when you are aging. Or it sudden appears a large number of eye floaters, which is a sign of visually threatening eye conditions, such as retinal detachment.