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What can cause eye allergy in children?

To keep my child away from prevent eye allergy, I want to know what can cause eye allergy in children? Thank you.
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  • Sybil


    Allergy eyes are very common in children, the symptoms can be itchy, red and swelling and watery eyes. It may be difficult to find out the cause of the allergy, there are two main reasons for the allergy: 1. Hereditary allergies, children are more likely to suffer allergy symptoms if their parents have allergies 2. Some certain allergens such as some certain plant or food or animal. So the most effective way to treat allergies is avoiding contact with those offending items. Besides, you need to keep your child's hands and face clean ,you can ask your child to wash them frequently and resist touching or rubbing his eyes. There also may be some allergens indoors, you need to replace bed pillows frequently and wash them in hot water.
  • Jacqueline warren


    An eye allergy is an allergic reaction to an allergic substance on the surface of the eye. With an eye allergy, your child will have itchy eyes, increased tearing, mild swelling of the eyelids and pink eyes. An allergic reaction can occur whenever they come in contact with his or her eyes.Common allergens that cause eye allergies include pollen, dust, mold, animal hair, eye makeup, pet dander or another substance. So you need keep any animals that trigger eye allergy symptoms out of your home-or at least keep them out of rooms he or she spends a lot of time in, such as the bedroom. And also you should pay attention to wash bedding in hot water every seven to ten days.
  • castlemedic


    Well, I think the retinal detachment may lead to your eye floaters. Retinal detachment cloud accompanies a sudden increase or change in the pattern of floaters. As we know, floaters often appear and disappear throughout the day, are most noticeable when looking at a bright sky or light colored paper. They can be quite annoying and can interfere with vision. Even they are harmless, you also should know that they do have the potential to signal a more concerning or serious eye condition. Just pay more attention to them.
  • crush_star


    Any kind of irritant, whether environmental, infectious, or manmade, can cause symptoms consistent with eye allergies. To treat allergies, minimize or eliminate contact with the offending trigger is the most effective way. Then you should make sure your child washes his/her hands and face frequently, and stop touching or rubbing their eyes. If the situation is still serious, I suggest you should take your child go to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • eisenstiefel


    It's common to see our eyes get allergy, due to there are many microgram that we couldn't see by eyes naturally. In fact, these micrograms live with us peacefully in daily life. However, children have weaker resistance ability than adults. Many children are affected by chronic allergies, which mainly come from their daily activities.

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