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What is the white stuff in the corner of my eye?

The cornea of my eyes always discharge some white stuffy? What is it?
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  • c_wilde


    Usually, the white stuff in the corner of your eyes happen after you wake up. Our eyes are the softest member of our body, and it may be the bacterial infection. When you sleep, the moisture in your eyes dries out over night and leaves the crusty stuff in the corner of your eye. When you be sleeping too deep, you will get more white stuff. Therefore, the white stuff is nothing serious and it cannot hurt your eyes, just take it easy!
  • Bernadette Korey


    Well, first, the white stuff on your eyes can be the eye discharge. When you have the white eye discharge in your eyes, it can be related to eye infection. And eye discharge can be caused by allergies, bacteria, makeup, chemicals or from your contact lenses not fitting correctly. And at this moment, you need to check your situation with eye doctor. And in common, he will just give you some eye exam, and some eye prescription drops can be advised. So go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible.