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What are the long term effects of eye herpes?

Is it very bad to suffer herpes on eyes? What are the long term effects on it?
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  • walkingwounde_d


    Well, if your eyes are infected by some allergies, it will be possible for your eyes to have herpes in eyes. And in common, your eyes will turn to red and irritated. Besides, you will just see the bloodshot eyes. For long term effects, you may have sudden and severe ocular pain, cloudy cornea and blurry vision, sore and red eye, and headache may occur. To treat it, you can just use some cool teabags under your eyes for a few times everyday. I think it will relieve your situation after some days. Of course, you can just wear a patch to protect your eyes from the infection too. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Mohammad S.


    It is very bad to have herpes on eyes. There are two kinds of herpes virus which can cause eye infections, one can cause a cold sore and the other can cause chicken pox, both of which might cause herpetic eye disease. According to different virus and different infection part, there are various possible eye diseases. Varicella-zoster virus, culprit of shingles and chickenpox, would cause herpes zoster ophthalmicus; while herpes simplex type 1, root for cold sores on lips and mouths, would cause herpes simplex keratitis. No matter what kind of herpes infections you got, it is surely painful. Both develops excruciating pain, rash and redness around eyes, sensitivity to light and swelling or cloudy cornea. As to long term effects, without proper and timely treatment, both diseases would develop to blindness. Seeking immediate treatment is a must. Herpes infection might last anywhere from one month to months, or even years. The sooner you take treatment, the less damages and pains it would bring to you.
  • Riley eddy


    It is really bad for you to suffer herpes on eyes. You need to treat it well through the medical care. Or else, you may have many bad effects. The eye herpes is a kind of nature serious eyelid skin disease. The trigeminal ganglion is a varicella zoster virus that infects the undergoing radiotherapy or immunosuppressant therapy of the patients. It is vulnerable to the disease incidence after lifelong immunity and rarely recurrence. It may cause the corneal damage. It may cause the pitting corneal epithelium erosion, accompanied by perception dull. It can lead to spurious dendritic keratitis and corneal lesions located in the peripheral part. For the performance of the dendrite spot, corneal stroma diffuses edema, fluorescein staining but not to steroid treatment. What's worse, it will cause the glaucoma which affect your eye vision. You need to treat it as soon as possible.