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Is lemon juice good for pink eye?

I like to drink lemon juice. And recently, i got pink eyes. Can i drink lemon juice as usual? Is it something good to my pink eyes?
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  • evelyn


    From the aspect of nutriology, drinking the lemon juice appropriately is good for the pink eyes because the lemon juice contains a lot of vitamin C. The direct coming vitamin C may help you keep eyes moisture. However, if you get pink eyes, there must be the cause of the coming bacterium. You should use the eyedrops to release the symptom.
  • catherinecraven


    Unfortunately, it's not that useful for treating pink eye. Pink eyes are caused by infection normally, such as virus, bacteria. Some people consider lemon juice could be one effective solution of pink eyes. However, it doesn't likely provide relief and might aggravate the symptoms of the pink eye. As we all known, contains rich vitamin C that is helping boost immune system and fighting infection. Meanwhile, lemon juice has citric acid as well, which can irritate eyes.
  • cute_lil_ambie


    Yes, it's good. As we know that pink eye can also be called as Conjunctivitis, which is an eye infection commonly known by many people. And if you have the pink eyes, you may experience symptoms such as redness, itching, discomfort and eyelid swelling. They will make you feel uncomfortable and annoyed. But there are many ways to relieve the symptoms. For example, you can drink lemon juice. Lemon juice contains vitamin C and many other nutrients. Vitamin C is known for helping boost immune system function and fighting infection, and drinking lemon juice may provide some benefits in this respect. Anyway, it's good to drink lemon juice for people who have the pink eye.
  • sime


    Sure. Yeah. Of course it does. you may not believe this, but I have tried it and it works