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How much are prescription glasses at Walmart vision center?

I plan to buy a pair of prescription at Walmart Vision Center. Is there anyone who has bought eyeglasses there? Can you tell me how much should i prepare for a pair of prescription glasses?
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  • Christopher dale


    I just bought one pair of prescription glasses from the Costco webstore. Actually, I heard my friend say that the prices between the costco and the walmart are almost the same based on the similar materials. If you want to have the prescription glasses from Walmart, you can go to its webstore and have a look. Based on the type, color, lenses and so on, you can choose your favored ones. And the price will be shown clearly.
  • chosen_cookie


    The price of prescription glasses can be changed with the different material you choose. Generally, the price of glasses includes two parts, frame and lenses. Different frame has different price. As usual, plastic frame is cheaper than metal frame while lenses with filter are more expensive than normal lenses. Therefore, you should decide which kind of glasses you want and what your budget you get firstly, and then you can choose most suitable glasses for yourself.

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