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Can putting pressure on certain parts of your eye cause myopia of other permanent vision problems?

Can rubbing your eyes or pressing on the front, top, bottom, or sides cause permanent vision problems?
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  • Benjamin gary


    Rubbing the eyes is a very common behavior, usually triggered by a sensation of fatigue or dryness or itchiness. Most of the time, this is a benign behavior, and it is very unlikely to cause any damage to the eyes themselves. One injury that can occur is scratching of the cornea, especially if they eyes are partially open when rubbed. A scratch on the cornea leads to a painful, burning sensation, often with increased tear production and blurring of the vision temporarily. If you are noticing any persistent eye symptoms, such as those described above, or flashing lights, pain with moving they eyes, or double vision these might be signs of a more serious eye problem and you should immediately seek assistance from an eye doctor. Also, if you find yourself constantly rubbing your eyes, you should seek an evaluation from your eye doctors, as there may be a condition provoking the urge to rub your eyes - such as shortsightedness leading to eye fatigue, or eye allergies leading to dryness or itching. These are all conditions that can be corrected, and your doctor will be able to diagnose them and give you advice on what to do.
  • Barry


    For most people, an occasional gentle rub is nothing to worry about. Rubbing your eyes stimulates tears to flow and lubricates dry eyes, removing dust and other irritants. It also relieves stress. That's because pressing down on your eyeball stimulates the vagus nerve to slow down your heart rate. This so-called oculocardiac reflex helps you to relax and smell the roses.But if you rub your eyes too hard, too often or over a long period of time, you could get into trouble.For instance, people with progressive myopia - a common type of short-sightedness caused by a lengthened eyeball - can find their eyesight worsens. In some cases, their retina detaches from the back of the eye.