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Zachary eddy


I'm having a weird issue with progressive eyeglasses, and was curious if others have had this or other issues with them.

The upper third of the lenses are useless, being focused on something past infinity. To see distance, I have to look through roughly the middle part of the lenses. To see my computer screens, I have to look through the bottom third, so I spend all day at work with my head cocked back. To read fine print, I have to look through the very bottom part of the lenses, practically holding the paper under my chin.
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  • Hunter rose


    I have been using progressive lenses for such a long time and also got a pair once that just didn't work for me. But most have been excellent. Except for working in close at eye level or higher then I am looking through the distance lens and that makes it better to just take them off. Regarding to your problem, you need to take your eyeglasses to optician and get them reprocessed.
  • Matthew baker


    Regarding to your question description, the problem may be caused by the incorrect seg height of your progressive lenses. You need to take your progressives to the optical store and find out what happened. It is not normal. Hope this helpful.

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