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Why there are pits on my plastic lenses?

When I buy new eyeglasses, I always take along an old set of frames and have lenses made for reading or close work. These reading glasses last me for years before the frames break and I start over with another old set of frames. My last pair of reading glasses are barely 8 weeks old and I noticed they became pitted overnight. These new glasses seem to get worse over time. The lenses are plastic (cheaper). I'm wondering if they are defective. I looked at the pits with my centeringscope and could see the pits are craters and do not appear to be caused by impacts from chips or grit. Worse yet, there are pits on the inside of the lenses as well. Outside is worse.
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    The lenses might have some wonder coating on them. You have been using some chemical that is eating away the wonder coating. Something in the oils your are using, for example ATF which will take off paint, is eating the lens.