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Elijah walker


How long have your glasses lasted?

Each pair of eyeglasses has the service of watches. My longest tenured glasses are my current two pairs, which were purchased at the same time about 3 years ago. All my prior glasses broke in about the same time from wear and tear or downright negligence.
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  • Kelly Dalton


    Depends on the person. While you can see fine out of an old pair, I would say your vision Rx changes on a yearly basis.There is a big difference between ok vision and perfect vision. Some people can correct down to 20/10 vision, but ideally you'd like 20/20 vision. Most people won't notice if they are seeing 20/30 or worse. Also, if you have a lot of stress, your vision could see some significant changes in a short period of time.I would say most people see big vision changes when they are very young (ages 10 through 21) and it will stabilize a little until their lower 40s when presbyopia kicks in and you need bifocals. Just because you see fine out of your glasses doesn't mean you shouldn't go into a doctor for a yearly check up. Not only will he give you a new Rx for glasses, but he will also check on the health of your eyes. There are a lot of things an eye doc can pick up on before there are any physical or visual symptoms.
  • Diane Bradstock


    The service life of eyeglasses varies people to people. The factors regarding to the change of the prescription, uncomfortable wearing are the main reason for us to change for another pair. Moreover, the maintenance of the lenses and frames are also considered as the most important factor. Hope this helpful.