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Marissa george


Do your pupils dilate when you are tired?

I just wonder if pupil dilate when we feel tired. If so. Will my eyes recover after good resting?
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  • walkercounty


    Ok, it seems that you are worried about your eye health because you have seen some signs of that. So, it is true that being tired could give rise to dilated pupils because we have dilated pupils because of panic, surprise, drug use, etc, including fatigue or eye strain. Anyway, it is temporary if it is not resulted from disease. It is ok, take it easy.Just try not to make it happen in future. A better rest and breaks could be helpful.
  • Kaylee


    Yes, your eyes will recover after the good rest. When you are too tired at the whole body, your eyes immune system will decline. Your eyes may be stimulated. That is why you get the dilated pupils. You'd better have the good rest and use some eye drops to release it.
  • Benjamin gary


    As a matter of fact, it's reasonable to get pupil dilate when we feel tired. Actually, the change of pupil's size is a self-preservation of our eyes. The function of pupil is to control the number of rays which get into your eyes. If your eyes like windows of your heart, the pupils just like the curtain of your windows. The focal function does not responsible by the pupils but related by the crystalline lens within your eyeball. The size of pupil is changed following the intensity of rays. When you are tired, the receptive ability of your eyes will obviously wear off, thus the intensity of rays which get into our eyes will decrease at the same time. It's the essential reason to give rise to dilated pupil. Therefore, it's surely useful to recover soon after good rest.