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Is it bad to wear glasses with old prescription?

I have bought a pair of new prescription eyeglasses three weeks ago. But my old prescription eyeglasses are still good. Can i wear my old prescription eyeglasses sometimes? Will it make my vision worse?
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  • hill


    No, I have tried. I am nearsighted and wear prescription eyeglasses for 8 years. And i have bought a pair of new prescription eyeglasses last month. But i still wear my old prescription eyeglasses sometimes. Often, i wear it when i surf on internet or watch TV at home. But when i am working , i wear my new prescription eyeglasses. I think it's good.
  • Connor nelson


    No, it is ok. Although you change the new prescription eyeglasses, you can use the previous one when you are reading or watching TV at home. Because of the near distance, there is no need for you to wear the new one to see so clearly. At the same time, exchange between the new one and the old on the different things bases on the distance, you can adjust and remit your eyes.
  • Shirley


    Yes, you are right, it is kind of bad to wear glasses with old prescription. Because once there are some scratches on the lens, they will significantly affect the performance of optical correction. Normally the old description of eyeglasses is different from the new one. If you wear the two eyeglasses in turn, your eyes will have the stress which is harmful to your eyes. If your eyes description has already changed, wearing the glasses with old prescription will make your prescription heavier than before.
  • Jimme


    Wearing an old perscription wont' hurt your eyes in totally can use them in any occasion, it doesn%u2019t matter. My glasses are used for many years. and they still working perfectly now.