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Andrea lester


What to wear with hello kitty glasses?

I have bought a pair of hello kitty glasses. What should i wear to match the glasses? Any idea?
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  • Gabriel leonard


    Hello kitty glasses is not suitable for everyone. I think you must be open-minded and cute. If you want to be a perfect, you can wear a lovely earrings to match. As for the clothes, you can wear a sweater and jean to match. In addition, you can wear a peaked cap. You can become a lovely and sunshine person.
  • ebarnes1621


    Well, according to your description, I guess you are a young girl who is eager to make your looks better and more attractive. So, as a matter of fact, hello kitty products are very cute and awesome, they give people a sense of youth and naive. Therefore, you must not wear formal dress, instead, what you need is a set if casual clothes and sweet accessories. Anyway, try again and again before you go out.

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