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David Safir


What is the success rate of lasik eye surgery?

I heard that it is risky to take lasik eye surgery. Can you tell me what is the success rate of the surgery?
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  • eagle_tester_3


    Well, it seems that you are planning to get lasik eye surgery in an effort to improve your vision. So, I quite understand your concern about the risk, then let me tell you, it depends on different hospitals, some of them are very skilled at lasik surgery while some other hospitals ,especially new hospitals have a lack of experience. Anyway, at a professional hospital, the success rate could be as much as 99 percent. Hope you find what is suitable for you.
  • walker67


    Well, generally speaking, it all depends on your own situation. According to some researches, the rate of some patients who are low to moderate nearsightedness patients, it would be 98%. And for some people, who are nearsighted patients, it would be 92%. So from the data, you should know that it can be very safe to have this kind of surgery. But on the other hand, you also need pay more attention to your eyes, after the surgery, for your eyes will be sensitive and fragile. For example, you should not watch TV in the first week. Also, avoiding some bacteria and allergies is also important, or it can lead to some eye infection. Anyway, just be careful and have a good rest.
  • Ariana


    Hello, I don't know the exact success rate of lasik rate, but it is really very safe. The rate varies and depends on the severity of your eyesight problem. But the techniques of this surgery is quite advanced and stable. There is rarely no risk to take lasik surgery.
  • Rebecca


    The goal of Lasik is to reduce or eliminate dependence on spectacles and contact lenses permanently by the surgical reduction or elimination of myopic power. Note that in some cases, the doctor may deliberately aim for slight undercorrection. Lasik when successful, will allow you to carry out most of your daily activities without the need to wear spectacles or contact lenses. If spectacles are needed, they are usually worn at night and will be of considerably reduced power and thickness.
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