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Where can i get rimless glasses that jamie hyneman wears?

Have you seen the rimless glasses that jamie hyneman wears? Can you tell me where i can find it?
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  • handwithlighter


    Well, as a matter of fact, the man you mentioned, jamie hyneman, really looks like an old general in the army. And his looks just remind us of Bismark in the 19th century. Anyway, the type of rimless glasses he wears on a regular basis is quite commonly seen around us, you could easily find a lot of them at Walmart, which is a reliable retailer of eyewear.
  • Sara


    Well, generally speaking, you can just buy them in many places. And of course, you can choose them from online shop. I will suggest you buy them at And it can be cheaper than other shops. And they only cost about 25 dollars. By the way, you should know that rimless glasses are good when you don't want to show that you are wearing glasses. And many people prefer rimless glasses for their attractiveness and convenience. Also, rimless eyewear has a natural look, and is graceful, lightweight and delicate. Anyway, just choose one pair you like.

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