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How long does it take to recover from a corneal transplant?

I am going to take a corneal transplant. Can you tell me how long does it take to recover after the surgery? Any suggestion?
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  • Savannah


    If the surgery is successful, it's only needs several days for restore vision, but it can take several months for completely heal. And during the first year following the corneal transplant, regular exam occur weekly and then monthly. Avoid using eyes frequently and protect the eye from injury after surgery to make sure your eyes recover soon.
  • cristoph


    Well, generally speaking, it will be a long time for your eyes to recover. In many cases, it will take about one year, even two years to recover. So you should be more patient about it. And after the surgery, there are also many details you should pay more attention to. As we know that after the surgery, your eyes will be fragile, it is very important to protect your eyes from bacteria and also the eye strain. So you are not supposed to have fly and even driving in the first or second week. Also, heavy exercises should be avoided too. By the way, you can just wear eye patch to avoid eye injury. Anyway, just follow some tips the doctor has told you.
  • walkintothewall


    It depends. The recovery from a corneal transplant depends on precautions taken after the surgery. After the surgery, you need to use eye drops and oral medication, including antibiotics to control infection, pain medicine and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling. Steroid drops are prescribed for several months after the cornea transplant to reduce risk of rejection. Taking about how long the recovery is. Some vision can be restored immediately after the surgery However, it can take several months for a person's vision to improve completely. It depending on a person's healing capability and physical factors, the cornea may take several months to completely heal. It can take more than a year for a patient to recover from a cornea transplant.