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Can caffeine cause eye floaters?

I heard that caffeine may cause floaters. Is that true? Why?
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  • cha0s_engel


    There is no evidence shows that caffeine will cause eye floaters. But i have read a post online. The poster said he drinks large amounts of coffee every morning and got a a bad case of dark floaters. So, he deiced to quit coffee and drink tea instead. Though tea also contain caffeine, but it is much less than it were in coffee. He did it several weeks and he his eye floaters reduced. So, if you often drink coffee and have eye floaters, you can try to quit it. You can have a try. Good luck.
  • adams


    No, you can not say caffeine cause eye floaters. Because there are no medical reference which can prove this kind of saying. But you should know that it is bad to drink too much caffeine. For coffee which contain great amount of caffeine can do harm to your body, your organs and even your eyes. There are many real story which happened around me that have told me this thing. You should pay much attention to it. Especially, if you are a person who drinks too much coffee in daily life, I suggest you should change your habit, so that it will make your body, your eyes healthier. Or not just your eyes can have some problems, but also your other organs will also have too.