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What are the advantages of spherical lenses for ski goggles?

I am not sure to choose spherical or flat lenses for my ski goggles. What are the advantages of spherical lenses for ski goggles?
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  • charmed83


    Spherical lenses for ski goggleds are designed to curve around the face, so they can provide better peripheral vision for wearers. Due to the curve design of the spherical lens, these ski goggles can help reduce the glare reflected from snow. Besides, the spherical lenses for ski goggles are good for preventing vision distortion when skiing, thus they allow your eyes to focus the objects clearly and enhance your vision.
  • Logan quick


    Now, not all ski goggles are the made in the same lenses. There are flat lenses and spherical lenses. Compared with flat lenses, spherical lenses are designed to curve around the face, both horizontally and vertically while flat lenses do not curve around the nose and forehead. With the curves designs, spherical lens are better to block glares and allow your eyes better focus to enhance your vision.
  • Simon Reddy


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