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What do you think about semi rimless glasses?

What do you think about semi rimless glasses? Are they cool on men or stupid?
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  • emale2222


    semi rimless glasses have half frame on the upper half of the lens, which have become one of the most preferred choices for most buyers. semi rimless glasses add a dynamic edge to your look and their sleek nature of the design make them preferred by many businessmen and other professionals. semi rimless glasses are lighter than full rim glasses, they can enhance your looks without any discomfort but also they can last for a longer duration.
  • Eric rupert


    I think it much depends on your face. People who's wearing semi rimless glasses often present an air of gentility and refineness. Generally speaking, semi-rimless glasses will suit many kinds of face shapes. If you still doubt about it, you can go some online optical shop like where offer virtual try-on system. You can upload your photo and try some of their glasses that you like, then choose the best looking glasses suited for you.

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