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Can I reglaze my old glasses at Specsavers?

I want to put new prescription lenses into my antique frames. Will Specsavers do it for me? How much does it cost?
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  • Caitlin owen


    Yes, you can do it at Specsavers. In fact, Specsavers will offer a comprehensive reglaze service. And it is relatively cheap. And this is quite easy to do if your eyeglasses frames do not have a complex curvature or shape, but also depends on what material your frame is made from. And you can also consult it to your local optician for some useful advise to reglaze your glasses.
  • Erin rupert


    Maybe. That depends on the type of your old glasses. However, the technician at Specsavers are skilled at reglazing old glasses. They can cut an accurate bevel on any lens to ensure the lens can fit the old glasses frame perfectly. The cost at Specsavers to reglaze old glasses varies from store to store. I ever used Specsavers reglaze service and I found they are friendly and helpful. You'd better take your old glasses there to consult them on your own. They will check your old glasses and determine whether your old glasses can be reglazed or not.