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How to stop constant blinking eyes in children?

My kid told me that she keeps constantly blink eyes in recent days. What can i do to help her stop that eye blinking?
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  • Kyle kirk


    If your children' eyes keep constantly blinking, you shall ask her if she feel eye itches, headache or vision disturbances etc. If so, you'd better take her to an eye doctor for an eye check to make sure what cause her eye blink. It is necessary to an eye examinationm because eye blinking may result of some eye disorders such as Tourettes syndrome, a seizure disorder, vision problems or other medical issues etc.
  • Luis williams


    Eye blinking is a type of habit due to anxiety, fatigue or boredom. It doesn't need any specific treatment if it just appears sometimes. And it's beneficial for children to have excessive blinking. When the enfant have eye blinking, you can let them to sit down and rest their eyes. Or you can give plenty of water and a piece of small snack, such as cookie. But don't let your kids have soda drinks or sugary snacks during this period. Another effective method is giving supplements to your children, such as zinc, hyoscyamus, because of those supplements could clam the nervous system. You should ask doctor to start the supplement.
  • walkintothewall


    Constant blinking eyes itself has no adverse effects, so parents do not need be too nervous and anxious. But you should not hurl abuse to exert pressure on your children, please pay attention to psychological treatment, mainly to positive induction. For unknown reasons, blind medication is not a good way for parents. Usually you can arrange a reasonable diet, and limit the time on watching TV for children, and also maintain the sufficient time for sleep, ensure their life have regulation. Having the cod liver oil is your good choice, at the same time you can teach him to do eye exercises in order to ease the pressure.
  • Hailey