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Can macular pucker cause double vision?

Is it possible to suffer double vision because of macular pucker? Any suggestion?
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  • erinpoo130


    Well, yes, macular pucker can lead to double vision. First, according to some experts, in most cases, macular pucker can some symptoms, such as vision distortion, double vision and blurriness. In many cases, there is no treatment needed. Getting macular pucker with double vision, it can affect activities of daily life, such as reading and driving. And in some degree, it can be dangerous to you. At this moment, you may need some treatments. For example, surgery may be recommended for treating macular pucker which is named as vitrectomy. Of course, sometimes, macular pucker can heal by itself, so you do not need to worry about it.
  • Daniel


    Ok, it seems that your problem is quite serious, so as you can see, macular pucker is one of thoe most complicated problems with eyes we might suffer, and macular is an important part of your retina. Once got macular pucker, you are likely to get decreased vision, black shadows, or twisted vision, just like your double vision. Anyway, the causes of macular pucker is complicated, which needs to be examined carefully so that you could take measures to fix it. Also, please try to get enough vitamins and have a balanced diet. Your overall health could do good to that problem.
  • Christina


    Yes ,it is possible for you to get the double vision because of macular pucker which is the bad eye disease in the macular position. You should take great notice of it. You should add the lutein which could make your macular problems be released a little. The lutein is such an important part to keep the macular position healthy.