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Luke oliver


Can acupuncture help dry eyes?

I heard that acupuncture can help dry eyes. Is that true? Is there anyone who experienced it?
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  • Alissa


    Dry eye is one of the most common, although not serious, eye conditions of middle aged people and it greatly interferes with the quality of life. I heard that acupuncture is the famous and creative way to cure people's diseases in China. So I asked a doctor and he told me it's true that acupuncture can help dry eyes indeed. Acupuncture means that a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine or a doctor who have learned acupuncture apply especial needles on the individual's acupuncture points to make your blood circles and nerves become normal. However, it's really hard and complex. But this way is also a great way to heal diseases without any surgery. Well, one of my friends has a try several months ago and he thought highly of this treatment. But it's hard to find such a skilled doctor.
  • Tyler


    So, from what you said I can see that you just got dry eyes, which might be resulted from a lot of reasons, such as allergic reactions, pink eyes, bad use of your eyes, or other infections. Anyway, it is true acupuncture could help with your dry eyes, but it is complicated and there are not many good acupuncture therapists in America. So, you also should pay attention to your diet and your use of eyes, try to consult a doctor and find out the cause of your problem.
  • anderson


    Yes, it is true that acupuncture will help dry eyes because of the movement in the eye nerves. Your eye pressure will be stable. Your eyes will become moisture after doing the acupuncture. You will get the full relax at the eyes. It is a good way to help keep the health of the eyes. If you have the dry eyes, you could take this into consideration.