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Mackenzie raphael


How to keep eyeglass lenses from smearing?

My vision is not strong without glasses, so obviously I have to wear glasses all the time. Every day I have to wash my lenses about 9-15 times, and it is annoying. I will wash the lenses of my glasses, then 10 minutes later to will be all smeared up and dirty again. EYE CARE PROFESSIONALS PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE.
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  • campbell


    You can put on your glasses without touching the lenses. I think maybe the size of your eyeglasses can't fit your head so they will drop from your nose bridge. And you need to push them again and again. Do you smear up your lenses in this way? If you did, you may need to buy a pair of new glasses with appropriate size. Good luck!
  • elbcoastboy


    You can take a piece of clean soft cloth with you. So you can clean your eyeglasses every time they are smeared up. I don't know whether this was caused by your work. But I suggest you to try the contacts. You don't need to touch contacts from time to time.
  • Brooke peters


    Why do your eyeglasses be smeared up ten minutes later? What have you done with your eyeglasses? I can wear my eyeglasses for a few hours. I suggest you not to touch your eyeglasses with your dirty hands. Some people just can't stop rubbing their eyes and touch their glasses with hands, but I think we shouldn't touch the lenses. If your eyeglasses drop from your nose bridge, you can put them on by hold the frame other than the lenses.
  • Upper West Hazel


    My husband has this problem. He has bags under his eyes that touch the inside of his glasses. The natural oils in his skin soon smear the glasses on the inside. Switching to a narrower frame that touches less of the bags is some help. I will ask our optician if he can make the glasses sit away from the bags, and still work.


    what is their they have to keep glasses from smearing and ware can I get it

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