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lester Jason


How much do the contact lenses cost and how to put them in and out?

I'm sick of glasses and would try contact lenses. How much do they cost? How to put them in and take them out?More information is much appreciated!
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  • Cameron garcia


    The price of contact lenses depends on many factors, such as, the type of the contacts , the prescription and the place you buy. However they are usually around 30 plus dollars per box and each box has six monthly lenses . You put them onto your top of index finger and then touch your finger to your eye. Once the contact lenses touch your eyeball, you will feel cold and then you move your eye around to make the contact in place. You need to put your contacts in the solution of the contact case to disinfect your contacts every night.
  • William edward


    it depends on what the brand is and how much your insurance covers it.I got my contacts about $15 per box .The doctor would tell you how to get them in and out ,also how to take care of them.