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Would you wear those heart shaped glasses?

I have a pair of heart shaped glasses but I never dare to wear them. Would you wear those heart shaped glasses? How do you think about them?
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  • Mort


    Heart shaped glasses look kind of special, so they are not suitable for everyone or each occasion. In my opinion, heart shaped glasses will look good on kids and teens because heart shaped eyeglasses will make them look kind of cute. They can wear heart shaped eyeglasses to enjoy appropriate holiday party or other parties, which will help them draw many people's attention. So if you love the heart shaped glasses, you can try them on and see whether they look good on you.
  • Nicholas campbell


    Why not wear it? Personally, as its unusually design of heart shaped glasses, the glasses usually wear in some particular places such as in some parties, shows or theme performances. Of course, you can also wear in usual for fun (seldom people will wear heart shaped glasses in daily life). In fact, you can just take it as decorations as something like hairpin to flatter your face. As long as the glasses flatter your appearances, you needn't care about it.
  • Anthony


    of course ,I will !! I like those special shaped glasses very much!!!.I think I won't wear them at formal occasion. But I would like to wear them when I hang out with friends. that will be very cool! I want to get one right now. they are amazing.
  • Brandon cook


    When I first see the heart shaped I image that your glasses must be very lovely that it should be fit to girls. And also I think the heart shaped glasses is just for fun, so I advise you to wear the standard glasses as taking the health of your eye into consideration.

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