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What are the best colored contact lenses for dark eyes ?

What are the best colored contact lenses for dark eyes ?
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  • Tatiana


    Since there are so many colored contact lenses, you can choose any colored contact lenses that will cover your dark eyes. So, this is not a matter what the color of your own eyes. If want to know what colors of contact lenses flatter you well, you shall try some disposable lenses in any color so as to make the right decision what are best colored contact lenses for you.
  • characterposter


    You'd better choose opaque contact lenses if you have dark eyes. Otherwise your dark eyes cannot be covered completely. When choosing the color of the colored contact lenses, make sure they are dark enough to make your eyes look natural. If the color is very light like light green or light blue, they won't make your eyes look natural, which will make your look kind of strange. So opaque contact lenses of dark green and blue may suit your dark eyes.
  • Caroline


    The colored contact lens is invented to assist the eye injury patient to cover the defect in the early ages. Currently, it is widely used in other areas, such as makeup. So there are colorful contact lens can be selected based on people’s preference. The black contact lens is the most suitable for the black eyes. Because the eyes are seems to more dark and bigger. At the same time, it would not be obvious to wear black contact lens with black eyes.
  • Terrence Galbraith


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