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Luke shelley


What kind of lens should I get for my Presbyopia glasses?

When I was ordering presbyopia glasses online, there are different lenses, single vision, multifocal and progressive. Which one should i choose?
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  • ebarnes1621


    That depends on your own condition. If you only have presbyopia and need to help with your close up work, single vision reading glasses are enough for you to deal with your problem. If you also have problem viewing distance, you may need to wear bifocal reading glasses which have two different parts of prescription in one lens, one for far and the other for near. If you get bifocal reading glasses, you can see both far and near at the same time without changing eyeglasses. Progressive reading glasses allow you to see objects from all directions.
  • Cassy


    If you just suffers from presbyopia, just a pair of single vision glasses is enough to help you for correction near vision. But if you have presbyopia and also need wear glasses to see far distance, you can consider some bifocal or progressive glasses. Bifocal or progressive glasses can make two or more prescriptions on one pair of lenses so as to help you see all distance clear. So, which one should you choose depends on your prescription.