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How to prevent sunglasses from ruining my makeup?

When I wear sunglasses, they rub my makeup off on each side of my nose where the pads are. Is there some ways to keep my sunglasses from rubbing off my make-up?
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  • williams


    If you wear makeup, you'd better not wear wrap around style sunglasses which will cover a large part of your face, so nobody will notice the makeup on your face. As for other styles of sunglasses, as long as they can fit you properly, they can't touch your cheeks to leave some marks on your face. If your sunglasses always rub your makeup off, maybe they are not fitting properly. In this case, you can have them adjusted or just buy a new one to fit you properly.
  • John clark


    Personally, you needn't makeup eyes with oversized sunglasses. But if you want to makeup, you shall aviod to wear big sunglasses with too dark tinted sunglasses lenses. You shall buy sunglasses with light colored tinted lenses to let others see your eyes. From this point, you can try some gradient tinted lenses for your sunglasses that the clear button lenses can show your eye makeup.