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Viore yute


Which kind of lenses are suitable for driver??

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  • Sopluu


    After driving for a long time, drivers will feel tired, which will affect their driving status. Thus the polarized lens sunglasses are the best choice for driving, which can effectively filter out the stray light and annoying glare. They are the most suitable for driver.
  • Ziyyoew


    As we all know, polarized glasses are more suitable for drivers because they can reduce glare, effectively eliminate and filter out the scattered light in the beam, and make the field of vision clear and natural. But as I know, green lenses are not suitable when you are driving.
  • Koivey


    In my opinion, the lenses with dark shades are not for people who drive a lot. Grey lenses have no chromatic aberration when the light darkens, so they have the highest safety index and suitable for drivers.