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What should I pay attention to when I choose frame for anti-fatigue lenses?

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  • Rtyou


    The purpose of an anti-fatigue lens is to reduce the visual fatigue caused by the contraction of the ciliary muscles, which are similar to the principle of progressive lenses, so the frame shouldn’t be too small.
  • Bannatyr


    When you choose a frame for anti-fatigue lenses, there should be certain requirements for the height of the frame. If the frame is narrow, you will have a smaller range of vision, and both eyes use the same luminosity range when looking near and far, thus the anti-fatigue effect is almost gone.
  • Diuyrt


    You had better choose larger frames, the height of frame should be not under 30mm. Of course, it is not the higher the height of the frame, the better. But you also need to choose the reasonable frame according to your own prescription.