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My glasses fog easily. What should I do?

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  • Ahted


    My mother has taught me that, smearing a layer of glycerin evenly on both sides of the lenses and wait a little while, and then polish the lenses with a soft cloth. It won’t be easily fog anymore.
  • Whfgkter


    You can choose anti-fogging lenses. A new new functional anti-fogging film layer is added to the surface of the lens, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of liquefaction on the lens. I have bought them in Firmoo Optical Store, and the anti-fogging effect is very obvious.
  • tiulore


    You can dilute the alcohol and water by a ratio of one to three and rub it on the lenses. After they are drought naturally, you should wipe them gently with spectacles cloth, and they won't fog anymore. In this way, the anti-fogging effect can be maintained for two to three days.