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Should I wear glasses while taking the early-morning jog?

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  • Houklee


    If you often take the morning jog and exercise in the morning, I suggest you to buy a pair of professional sports glasses. They can be your first line of defense while running, and help you to block the eye irritation of strong winds during rapid movement.
  • Oulker


    During running, the human eye has much lower dynamic vision for seeing the road and surroundings than it does at rest. As you run faster, your eyes work harder, thus I suggest you to get a pair of sports glasses, they can protect your eyes during exercises.
  • Aipey


    The bright light of the early morning sun can cause severe irritation to your eyes. You should wear professional sports glasses to improve your visual acuity, and they can also weaken strong light and keep your eyes in a comfortable state under the change of outdoor light environment to ensure safety while taking the early-morning jog.