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What does color blind test for children consist of?

I just want to find out what color blind test for children consist of?
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  • walkyr


    Color blind test for older children is Ishihara plates which consist of displays of different colored dots and numbers that are hiden inside them. Younger children may be tested by the similar test for older children, but the objects hiden in the dots are simple, like circles, triangles and squares, for younger children to recognize. If a child is color-blind, he or she cannot recognize the numbers or objects hiden in the dots.
  • Hebbe


    It includes different colored dots with numbers hidden inside for elder children. For the younger children, simple objects, such as circles, triangles and squares, hidden in the dots. For color-blind children, it’s really not easy for them to recognize the numbers or objects hidden inside the dots as well as distinguishes red, orange, yellow and green.