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Kimberly quick


What Are the advantages of Semi-Soft Contact Lenses?

What Are the advantages of Semi-Soft Contact Lenses compared with hard contact lenses?
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  • Melissa duncan


    Semi-Soft Contact Lenses are good items to help people with poor vision. Compared other contact lenses, Semi-Soft Contact Lenses are made of oxygen permeable material that allow your eyes to breathe so as to stay healthy. Besides, compared with soft contact lenses, semi-soft contact lenses will not dehydrate over time. In addition, semi-soft contact lenses will give you comfortable wearing.
  • Alyssa


    Compared with hard contacts, semi-soft contact lenses are more oxygen permeable, which allow more oxygen to reach your eyes to keep them healthy. Besides, semi-soft contact lenses will provide sharper vision than soft contact lenses because they can maintain the lens in its place. semi-soft contact lenses have no water content so that they are comfortable to wear because they are less likely to cause dry eyes compared with soft contact lenses.

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