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Are bananas good for eye health?

I just wonder if bananas are good for eye health. I love to eat bananas and my vision is really bad.
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  • Kyle kirk


    Yes, bananas are especially good for eyes. There is a large amount of bare-carotene in bananas. If your body is badly in need of this substance, the eyes will become dry and people look depressed, if you eat more bananas, it will reduce this symptom and also drive away the tiredness. Besides, i heard that bananas are good for our stomach. Anyway, bananas are good fruit to our eye health.
  • b1eedingthrough


    Yes, banana is not expensive and normal, which is also good for eye health, because it's rich in potassium. If you have too much salt element in your body that will cause the eyes red and dry, potassium in banana will help to balance this and relieve your eyes from discomfort.
  • andrew


    Yes. Bananas are good for eye health. That's because bananas contain a large amount of potassium which can help our body to flush out the excessive salt to keep a balance between potassium and sodium. Besides, bananas also contain plenty of beta-carotene which can help eyes relieve from pain. And if you eat some bananas regularly every day, they can help you relieve from dry eyes and eye fatigue. So to protect your eyes and relax them from pressure, you'd better eat some bananas daily.
  • greg t


    That's right. Bananas are good for eyes especially for those who always work before computers. Bananas are rich in potassium which can help the human body to discharge these excess salt, make potassium sodium balance and relieve eyes from dry eyes symptoms. Besides, if you often work before computers, you should eat more vegetables and fruits like oranges, mango...What's more, yoghourt is a wonderful food,too.On the other hand, there are computer glasses for such people to protect eyes from radiations. If you have vision problems, you can even get prescription computer glasses to both correct visual acuity and resist radiations.
  • Paige williams


    Yes, it is. When your eyes feel dry and pain, you can eat some bananas to relieve these eyes symptom, because that bananas have potassium. When our body have too much salinity, eyes will be red and swollen, potassium in bananas will expel the spare salinity, make your eyes feel better. And carotene in bananas will keep your eyes more bright.