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Larry S


What are asian fit sunglasses?

What are asian fit sunglasses? How are they different from regular sunglasses?
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  • Adam peters


    Asian fit sunglasses refer to sunglasses that are designed to fit asian facial features. Aisan often have a lower bridge and higher cheekbones, so many sunglasses that are designed to fit Caucasian features are not suitable for asians. However, now the asian fit sunglasses are just made to fit asians properly. If you are an asian, you can choose sunglasses which are labelled as "asian fit sunglasses" and they can fit your facial feature properly.
  • Joseph


    They are the same as regular sunglasses. But purhaps they are more suitable to Asian. You know, people from different areas have their unique facial features. To give people comfortable wearing, the designs of the sunglasses are a slight different for people with different facial features. And asian fit sunglasses are made to fit for people with asian facial features.
  • Dazza


    I think it's ok, they are all metal colours and should be fine to put together, but if gold sunglasses with precious stone or diamond are also perfect. Please look over dressing style and this is also important effect on the accessories matching.
  • Lainey


    Asian people mostly are with yellow skin, therefore not to choose colours which are too dark, wine-red or some other bright colours since dark green also may make asain people look fresh and brighter skin. Also you need to pay attention to the nose shape, because most of the asain people do not have a very straight strong nose, so asain people should select the sunglasses which not too cover the nose shape too much. Think about Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

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