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John Rodriguez


What eye drops should i use for lasik?

What eye drops should i use after lasik? Will visine be fine? How long after surgery will i need them?
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    Usually, people may get dry eyes after lasik eye surgery. So, most of surgeon will prescribed patient some eye drops like Systene and Refresh Plus to release fry eyes. If your surgeon not prescribed your eye drops, you can buy some eye drops for dry eyes. Of course, to be sure, you'd better ask your surgeon or consult an eye doctor before you buy eye drops.
  • Angelica


    Generally speaking, if you suffer dry eyes after lasik surgery, you should go back to see your surgeon who will prescrible some eye drops to deal with your dry eyes. Most the doctors will suggest their patients use Refresh Tears. The doctor will tell you how to use the eye drops and how long you need to use them after lasik surgery. The only thing you can do is following the doctor's instructions.

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