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Alexandria taylor


What is the best lens color for shooting glasses?

My child asked me to buy shooting glasses for him. What is the best lens color for shooting glasses?
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  • Angela tuener


    For shooters, crisp vision and clarity vision is very important for target shooting and hunting. So, you shall choose shooting glasses lenses that can give you bright vision. From this point, yellow tinted lenses are the best choices for shooting glasses because they can provide vision contrast by blocking blue light and enhance depth perception thereby give you clear vision.
  • Michelle percy


    One of the most popular color tint in shooting glasses of yellow.Yellow tinted lenses can block blue light to heighten contrast. And they enhance the vision in haze, low-light conditions so that you can get clear vision if you wear yellow tinted glasses while shooting. Yellow tinted glasses are good for shooting because they will brighten the orange color of the targets, which make you shoot the target more easily.