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Can contact lenses cause corneal abrasion?

Is it harm to my corneal If i often wear contact lenses? Can contact lenses cause corneal abrasion?
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  • Riley eddy


    Yes, if you don't wear the contact lenses in the proper way, your corneal in the eyes may get the abrasion. However, the usual way of wearing the contact lenses in the good habit of hygiene will not cause this. If you use the ripped contact lenses, it has high possibility to harm your corneal. Thus, obeying the right ways to wear the contact lenses will be OK.
  • Juan


    Well, yes, contact lenses can cause corneal abrasion. First you should know that it is kind of serious situation if you have eye abrasion. And in some cases, it is also very dangerous to have this situation. So you should be more careful when you wear contact lenses. As we know that wearing contact lenses too often can make your eyes infected easily. In that way, it can lead to corneal abrasion, which is also caused by infection. So just use some resolution to clean your contacts carefully. Also, if you have corneal abrasion, you can just wear the eye patch. By wearing an eye patch, it can be bothersome, but doing so will insure a speedy recovery for your eyes. Besides, you should just pay more attention to your eyes, or it can lead to some serious eye diseases, such as the pink eyes. Besides, if you have some problem, you can talk it with your eye doctor.
  • chicomm


    It's a frequently asked question for people wearing contact lenses.They're afraid of harm to their corneal with contact lenses.It's understandable.Wearing contact lenses is harmful to your corneal or not depends.A corneal abrasion occurs when there is a loss of cells from the epithelium or surface of the cornea. So there are many reasons can cause corneal abrasion such as something hitting or blowing into the eye,sports injuries,undergoing surgery under general anesthesia, improperly fitted or maintained contact lenses and so on.It is usually due to overuse of contact lenses. All in all,contact lenses does little harm to your corneal.However,as long as you use it properly.It's ok.

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