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What are best sunglasses for working outside?

I often walk outside because of my work. But the sunlight usually make me difficult to open my eyes. So, i want to buy a pair of sunglasses. I just want to know what are the best sunglasses for working outside?
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  • cwalsman


    If you have to work outside for a long time under the strong sun light, you'd better wear the sunglasses to protect your eyes. The ray ban sunglasses are the suitable type. You'd better choose the type with polarized function which could also be used in fishing or driving. You could go to the online stores to have a look. Then you may find the suitable type.
  • Brittany green


    It is true that outside work will harm your eyes a lot due to the hot sunshine, which could burn your eyes and greatly affect your vision. As far as I know, polarized sunglasses could be of great use to you, for they would resist most of the harmful lights and provide you with good vision. Just try to get a pair of them, and you are good to go. But also, try not to stare at the sun, nothing is competent to deal with that.
  • William edward


    I think you can care the lens color and material if you want suitable sunglasses for working outside. Many experiments indicate that the opaque property of deep-colored lenses are better than Light-colored lenses to a certain extent, but it does n’t mean the deeper color of lenses you buy, the better ability of absorbing ultraviolet rays they have. Whether the sunglasses can absorb more ultraviolet light depends on lens material. In my opinion, resin lenses and polarized sunglasses lenses are both good choices for you. Resin is a chemical phenolic structure which has a high temperature resistant and can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays effectively, and polarized sunglasses lenses can absorb 99% ultraviolet rays, it also can prevent your eyes feeling tired.

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