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Does essential oil work for eye stye?

I got eye stye. It really make me look ugly. Can i use essential oil to help my eyes?
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  • David Safir


    The answer is absolutely yes, essential oil is quite available to remove eye stye. As we know that eye stye occurs when our eyes get infected by bacterium. Essential oil not only have a function of curing inflammation, but also rich in minerals, vitamins, which can effectively eliminate the toxin in our body as well as enhance immune system. Ensure your hands is totally clean and massage with the essential oil around the stye. Do not rub your eyes to avoid the speeding of the bacteria. Sincerely hope you can restore to health as soon as possible.
  • Andrew bell


    No, you can not use essential oil to cure your eye stye and it may make the condition worse. Eye stye is a kind of acute purulent inflammation in eyelid gland and eyelash follicle. You should go to the hospital for treatment in time, or else when the conditions get too serious and begin to have ulceration, the eye stye may leave scars on the eyelids. You should use antibiotic eye drops to cure your eyes. If necessary, an eye operation may be needed. In addition, you should pay attention to your daily diet, do not eat too oily foods and as well pay attention to eye hygiene work. Besides, have good rest.
  • Sue Livingston


    Yes, the essential oil will help your eyes. It is really bad for you to get eye stye. The eye stye must be caused from the exuberant cells in the eyes which may cause the eyelid glands. This acute suppurative inflammation is often caused by a staph infection, depending on the affected gland tissue. The stye department is within and outside the eyelash hair follicle and sebaceous gland inflammation which is in the sty for meibomian gland acute suppurative inflammation. You could use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to release the symptom and to get rid of the coming bacterium. In addition, you could also do the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. The essential oil will make your eyes surrounding parts get moisture and become intense. You could have a try which will also do benefits for your droopy eyelids.
  • Vanessa


    Yes, the essential oils do work on the eye stye. The essential oils applied, the stye doesn’t even develop. When apply essential oils on your style, each morning and night, you need to put 1-2 drops in your palm and used your finger and rubbed a line underneath the eye. It does not need to touch the stye itself. Just do that about 4 days, your stye will be gone. Hope this helpful.